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Shop Premade Flower Bouquet or Cut Your Own Bouquet

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2019 Flower season is here! Come to Dublin Flower Farm and cut your own bouquets on Saturdays from 10am-5pm until Frost hits. You may cut as many stems as you like. Our pre-made bouquets will also be available upon receipt of payment (Zinnias, Pinks, Asters, Cosmos, Queen Anne's Lace, Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding', Love in a Puff). 

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Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs Brown Large - 1 dozen


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Large Brown Eggs from Dublin Flower Farm Picked Daily

  • 40 + Free range chickens / hens
  • Lay brown large eggs every day
  • Eat fresh vegetables besides chicken feed
  • Farm fresh eggs better taste
  • Excellent for Farm-to-table dishes (banana bread, scrambled eggs)


8 oz Soy Candle


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Soy Candle in a 8 oz metal tin. Choose scents from Peach Nectar, Himalayan Bamboo, Orchid and Sea Salt, English Garden, Amber Noir, and Raspberry Sangria.


Love in a Puff 15 Seeds

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Few things rival the delicate beauty of a fully blooming Love in a Puff vine.

The long, ferny-leaved vines are loaded with tiny white blossoms and the most interesting green, balloon-like pods that resemble miniature paper lanterns.

What is even more magical is that inside each balloon are tiny black seeds imprinted with perfect white hearts.

These vigorous growers will scramble up and over a trellis in no time.

Woven into an arrangement, this beauty will take any creation to a whole new level.


Purple Sensation 50+ Seeds


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Blooming in late-spring to early summer,  Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant variety producing tall stem (24" to 32") and giant lilac-purple ball flowers up to 6" in diameter. 

Great cut flower lasting up to 2 weeks. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies and bees to your garden. 

 Hardy perennial in Zones 4-8.  Easy to germinate from seeds and fun to watch them grow bigger.